The Vision

Over 75 years ago, Cameron Argersinger founded Watkins Glen, forever transforming the Finger Lakes region and bringing the prestigious sport of racing to its picturesque landscapes. The vision that ignited this transformation remains vibrant and thriving at The Esses. Our community was founded to honor and perpetuate the spirit of the original Watkins Glen, ensuring that its legacy endures for generations to come.

At The Esses, we blend the thrill of motorsports with luxurious living, creating an environment where the excitement of the track and the serenity of lakeside living coexist harmoniously. Our vision is to preserve and celebrate the heritage of Watkins Glen while offering an unparalleled lifestyle to our residents. By choosing The Esses, you become part of a living legacy, embracing the rich history and vibrant future of one of the world’s most iconic racing destinations. Live the vision, and let the spirit of Watkins Glen inspire your every day.