Luxury & Excitement

Discover a lifestyle where luxury meets excitement at The Esses. Nestled next to Watkins Glen International, you’ll be at the heart of thrilling motorsports action. Embrace the vibrant local culture with world-class dining experiences, featuring gourmet restaurants and charming wineries throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Families will love the variety of activities, from hiking the scenic Watkins Glen State Park to exploring the captivating exhibits at the Corning Museum of Glass. When you invest in The Esses, you’re investing in more than just a home—you’re embracing a rich, fulfilling lifestyle. Enjoy exclusive access to elite events, picturesque views, and a community that shares your passion for the finer things in life. Experience the unparalleled blend of luxury, adventure, and community in the heart of the Finger Lakes.


At The Esses, our heart beats for motorsports. Situated next door to the legendary Watkins Glen International, our 172 acre property offers unparalleled access to one of the most iconic road courses in the world. Living steps away from high-octane action is no longer a dream, at The Esses it is a reality.

Whether you’re a driver or an enthusiast, The Esses immerses you in the world of road racing. Join a community that shares your passion and experience the ultimate motorsport lifestyle, right at your doorstep. Live the dream, embrace the excitement, and make The Esses your home.


The Esses at Watkins Glen is more than a home, it’s a tribute to motorsport legend. With our proximity to the iconic Watkins Glen International, our community celebrates the historic track. Feel the nostalgia of legendary victories and the thrill of unforgettable races. By choosing The Esses, you’re not just investing in luxury, you’re becoming part of a storied legacy.

Embrace the rich history and vibrant future of Watkins Glen. Join us and add your chapter to racing greatness. Live where legends roared and make history your neighbor.

Family Activities

The Esses offers more than just prime trackside living, it’s a gateway to endless family adventures. In the heart of Finger Lakes wine country, your family can enjoy boating, fishing, four seasons and outdoor living. Explore the stunning Watkins Glen State Park with its picturesque waterfalls and hiking trails. Visit the interactive exhibits at the Corning Museum of Glass or discover local wildlife at the Finger Lakes National Forest. Enjoy charming shops, farmers’ markets, and family-friendly dining in the nearby town. At The Esses, your hilltop home is the center of an enriching, vibrant lifestyle that brings families together for unforgettable memories, stunning sunrises and breathtaking sunsets.